Last quarter of the year has almost started and we are speeding up the projects that need to be finished by the end of the year.  A hectic and stressful time for most of us. A structured way of working will help you in the release of your new products. 

In my previous blog you can read about the advantage of having an input-output deliverable overview as one of the steps to realise smooth new product development (NPD) .

Next step is to derive more detailed deliverables and to allocate these to the various disciplines in your organisation. This provides you with a tool to manage all team members on the deliverables they are responsible for. This will have a huge impact on your timeframe of product development and market introduction.

Allocate deliverables per phase and per discipline

It will cost you some time and effort to define these deliverables in every phase of the NPD and to allocate disciplines to them. Nevertheless, this will be the back bone of your NPD process and therefore very necessary and valuable. It will give a clear insight in who is responsible for what. All members in your project team know exactly what is expected from them.

The most practical way to create this deliverables overview is to use a spreadsheet. It allows you to easily add lines with deliverables and to add columns with other info such as milestones, download links to templates or final document links.

You can filter on all of these items. This makes the file very practical and easy to work with.

New Product Development checklist

To save you time, I have prepared a free download for you in which you can easily enter deliverables and responsibilities. If you do it thoroughly, you will have a great tool to realise smooth new product development, one of the key elements for in time introduction of new products.

How to get started?

Step 1 : Download the free NPD checklist template from my website.

Step 2: Take your basic input-output model as a basis and start deriving detailed deliverables per phase and add them to the free NPD checklist template.

Step 3: Add the responsible discipline in the column behind the deliverable.

Step 4: Deploy this new way of working in your organisation.

Do you already use a deliverables checklist with allocated responsibilities? What is your experience? Please leave your comments below this post.

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