Summer holidays are almost finished and slowly everyone is getting back to work. Fresh, relaxed and full of ideas to start with in the last quarter of the year. While relaxing and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, I have been thinking on several new product development topics.

Smooth new product development

Before the summer holidays I explained how to implement a new product development process in your organisation. One of the steps to realise smooth new product development (NPD) is defining all the deliverables you need. Like having a project management plan, a financial feasibility and a supplier short list, for example. When you know what to do, what you need to be able to realise it and when to do it, great products can be launched into the market in time! 

Input-output template

In order to help you get going on this one, I prepared a ‘deliverable input-output template’ as example for you. You can update this spread sheet by adding deliverables that are applicable for your organisation. Easy!

Deliverables per phase

It will cost you a bit of time and effort to define these deliverables in every phase of the NPD. But once set, you have a well thought base to further build your NPD on. 

My advise is to plan an hour a day for a week on this topic and share your thoughts with some colleagues from various disciplines. With their feedback the overview can be improved.

By using the input-output model as a starting point, you are able to define on a higher level the most important deliverables in new product development. Next step is to derive more detailed deliverables and to allocate disciplines to them. But that’s food for thought in another blog….will be continued.

Please download the input-output model and get started!

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