Introducing new exciting products that delight customers is one of the greatest activities of being a product manager. New product ideas are generated throughout the year and noted down somewhere or hopefully stay in your head 🙂.

Interested in a structured way to collect all these great new ideas?

When you are in a hurry and have no time to log on to your computer, most of the time you scribble your idea down on a post-it, am I right?

Looking at my own desk, at a certain moment there were so many yellow post-its, I lost the overview of my new ideas. It was a hassle to quickly transfer the info from the yellow post-its to a spreadsheet on my computer.

To help you, I have prepared a simple form on which you can quickly note down the new product idea that just popped-up in your head.

This New Idea Collection Sheet will help you in structuring your new ideas and makes it easy to transfer the info to your computer.

On the New Idea Collection Sheet you can note down:

  • Short description of the new product idea
  • To which product family it belongs to
  • The target market the new product is meant for
  • The business need the new product should fulfil.

When the moment has come to start selecting new projects from these great product ideas, you can use the New Project Form to present new product ideas with more financial details.

But first check out the New Idea Collection Sheet, to help you collect new exiting product ideas. Print it out and keep it in sight on your desk or put it on the wall. Hopefully you can scribble down lots of new existing product ideas that keep you inspired!

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